Top 10 Pinterest Projects


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This year was definitely a busy one but I managed to fit in a bit of crafting and Pinterest project execution!

There are truly so many great ideas out there (some of which seem really great and turn out terribly – you can learn more about Pinterest reviews over at The Crafty Collaborative).

I wanted to share my top 10 favorites that were fun, useful and down right awesome!

I mean…who doesn’t need a mermaid tail?!?!

I hope to do a little write-up on each project and how I completed them but for now I will dangle the carrot and get your creative juices flowing!

Enjoy and happy Pinning!

Boy-ville Box 
Dress Up Closet 
Mermaid Tails 
DIY Screen Prints 
Hanging Pots and pans 
Believe Banner 
Drilled Jack-o-lanterns 
Pumpkin Scones 


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  1. Oh those pumpkin scones!! I need to make them again. Mermaid tails…adorable!!

    • They really were SO good! The Pots and Pans thing has literally changed my life. The mermaid tails are often dragon tails so they serve a dual purpose :)

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