A New Look for a New Season

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It is a new look for a new season.

Every day that there is still snow on the ground here I get a little more anxious.

The way I deal with anxiety is to change things and dive into projects.


Here it is! Change and a project.

I did a little research and with some trial and lots of error was able to make some fun updates and changes to the blog.

I have to admit that without the help of this tutorial  from Something Swanky on creating my own social media icons I would have likely given up or just left things half done for some time.

This tutorial inspired me so much that I finally finished!!!

I also used this site for the social media solhouettes which are totally awesome and completely customizable.

One last shout out to PicMonkey which is new to me but will forever be my BFF.

Using PicMonkey I was able to change the color, shape and create the cute little icons you see on the right side of my screen.

So fun!

Do you like the new look of OneMommy’sThoughts? 

I think the colors scream spring and hope that mother nature takes a hint that it is time for the next season.


Enjoy the new look and please stop by again soon to see what else I have up my sleeve!

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  1. Love, love, love the new look!!

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