Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday 4.3.13

Wordless Wednesday 4




  1. Love it. I take it you guys are having egg salad this week with all those hardboiled eggs. Did you ever end up trying them in the oven?

    • Indeed we will! Actually I have been eating them for breakfast and sometimes the kids do for snack too so I think between all of us they will get gobbled up. I did try them in the oven but I have pretty much perfected my stove top method so I haven’t done them in the oven since. It is handy though!

      • Lets Skype and have your children convince my children to eat them :)

        • Ha! Ava is the only one that eats the entire egg….the other two stick with the whites. Maybe try deviled eggs first? I know that seems strange but that is how Ian started eating them. BTW – do you get an email when I post? I am worried my subscription messages are not going out.

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