DIY Fancy Chalkboard Lettering

I came across this fantastic tutorial on Indie Craft Parade originally posted by Beautiful Hello on how to create those beautiful chalkboard quotes.

My handwriting is crap and I can’t write in a straight line so I thought I would give this a go!

DIY Fancy Chalkboard Lettering | OneMommysThoughts #DIY #chalkboardlettering


What you will need in navy

Pencil Sharpener (to sharpen your chalk)
A Great Quote Printed Out to Size (whatever size you need for your board)
Pencil (colored or regular)

I used favorite source for quotes Pinterest and found a great one from Charlie Chapman.

I then rubbed chalk on the blank side of my print out but only on the areas that had words (you can pretty much see through the paper so this isn’t as hard as it sounds.)

Position the paper with the printed side up (chalk side down) onto your chalkboard and begin tracing your letters.

I found it easiest to use just a plain pencil and fairly firm pressure.

Be careful where your hand rests as you trace though.

I started to realize that I may be messing up my work as I went if I had my hand pressing on areas that had chalk.

It was easiest to trace the outside lines of the words then go back and fill them in before removing the paper and completing last-minute touches.

Once you are done tracing and filling in you can remove the paper and prepare to be amazed!

All the hard work you put into tracing will have paid off and your quote will look insanely awesome.

You may need to go back and sharpen your lines on the outside of your words slightly but other than that it really will look incredible.

This was definitely not a super quick project however. It took about an hour or so to complete.

Great to do while watching a movie or TV but if you are JUST tracing you may feel like it was a waste of time since it could so easily be erased by curious little hands (aka my children in this case).



Happy tracing!

Signature as an element



  1. Love!! They came out awesome!

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