DIY Gallery Wall & Bonus Chalkboard Tutorial

DIY Gallery Wall | OneMommysThoughts #DIY #gallerywall #photography

I have finally completed a project that was purely creative and not at all functional.
I must say I feel incredibly satisfied every time I look at this wall.

I smile and feel a warmth spread through my body (extreme I know but true).

Enjoying the memories is as sweet as the colorful fabrics and playful mustache motif.

I knew I wanted to put something on the walls in our playroom but just couldn’t commit until a previous project really inspired me.

You might remember the fantastic DIY Fancy Chalkboard tutorial I used and shared back in April.

I found a great thrift piece at our local second-hand store and used the Chalkboard Frame tutorial reviewed by The Crafty Collaborative to turn it into my focal piece.

DIY Chalkboard | OneMommysThoughts #DIY #gallerywall #photography

A couple of coats of chalkboard paint and this thing was ready for its frame!

Actually, I partially lie.

Per the instructions I waited 3 days before I “conditioned” it (put chalk on it then wiped it off) and then set off on the mission of finding a great quote to use for our playroom.

Next was gussy-ing up the frame. 

Clearly it had seen better days and needed a fresh breath of air for new life.

I started by wiping the frame down really well so the paint would adhere.

Then one coat of white primer and two coats of  Krylon Looking Glass paint before adding some detail.

I waited a full 24 hours before busting out the craft paints.

To give the frame an old but new feel I used my aqua colored craft paint on just the inner part and front of the frame.

I kept the brush pretty dry so the looking-glass paint would still show through a bit.

Then I went back and detailed with a bit of silver craft paint on the very inner edge to really make things pop.

I finished this with Rust-Oleum’s semi-gloss clear spray to give it a sheen.

DIY Chalkboard | OneMommysThoughts #DIY #gallerywall #photography


A star is born and a wall complete.

For the gallery wall I used some of my older frames and freshened them up with either flat or glossy white spray paint.

I tend to stick with either Rust-Oleum’s 2x the Coverage spray paint or Krylon Dual Paint and Primer.

If you don’t use a spray paint that is a paint and primer in one I definitely suggest using a primer first.

Always clean off your project (especially if it is dusty or greasy) before priming.

Sand in between primer and paint if you are working with wood.

The craft paints I used were dear Martha’s and I have to admit I generally do stick with her paints.

They are always good and seem to last forever!

The little square mustache pictures are actually canvas-covered with a great piece of fabric I purchased from one of my fave Etsy shops Designed by Katarina Roccella.

I also purchased the lovely rainbow-colored chevron print from her too.

I am so in love with those prints.

They just make me happy.

I hope this inspires you to create something meaningful for a space in your home.

This project is cheap and cheerful so get to it!

Signature as an element


  1. love this post! i just did a gallery wall, but it didn’t turn out nearly as well :

    i could use your advice.. :)

    oh, and hello from minneapolis!

    • Hello Minneapolis!

      I consider it my second home so I am happy to see that others make it their first and do it with such style and beauty. My best tip for a gallery wall is to start by gathering a collection of random shaped and sized frames. Don’t fret the color because you can always change that with a little spray or craft paint. Also, don’t forget to include some little design elements such a a wooden letter, symbol or even a flower. I am on hot pursuit of a wooden mustache to add to my wall. Fabrics can really bring color to the mix too so don’t limit yourself to pictures only in those frames!

      I hope this helped?

      PS – Your apartment is SO beautiful. I miss the days of having nice things that stayed nice. Now we have things that used to be nice but now just hold memories instead such as chairs my children have slashed with scissors. Oh the joys!

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