An Office Overhaul & Potty Training Adventures

I have been quiet.

Quiet but oh so busy!

We are in the throes of overhauling my office space (um over a year in the making) and decided why not try potty training too!

Thankfully both are going well and there is an end in sight (or a bottom?).

I present to you the Potty King!

Potty King

This little boy has made some serious progress in just 10 or so short days and I am one proud momma!

I think it helps to have a bro and sis fan club.

We also decided that he was ready for a big boy bed which means moving the princess into his room and him into her old room she shared with her bro.

We now have a boy’s room and a girl’s room.

They are all very happy with the change and so far the Potty King has been doing well in a bed vs. crib.

This transition always scares me but I guess after doing it two times before we have it down pat.

This change of course will mean some additional redecorating!

boy and girl room_20130726131100131

In other news….

I thought I would share my idea or inspiration boards for both my office and pantry (to be).

I like to create these to keep my ideas in one place and see it all come together.

I also like to keep these with me when I am out shopping so I have a good visual on what I should be looking for.

Really keeps me in check and helps me stay with my theme!


Office Chic

Now for a little trip to IKEA and a bit of muscle (not to mention skill) to install Sheetrock.

Let the grunting begin and the dust fly.

I have waited far too long to have my space back!


This is what my living room “office” looks like.


My office was pretty make shift before but at least in its own space.

The pantry will be an addition that is very welcomed by your’s truly.

We have been using our basement stairway and a kitchen cabinet (too deep for its own good) for food storage.

It will be amazing to actually see it all in one place.

Wish us luck and stay tuned for updates, paint color names and more!

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  1. Oh my goodness. So much going on there! Love the color scheme for the office…I mean completely love. I’m feeling a little jealous :) That looks like it’s going to be pantry heaven. High-fives to the little guy…is that the rest of the crew praising “the king?” Ha! Good luck with the projects! Can’t wait to see the progress.

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