Back to School Epiphany

What is it that you hear?

Mothers cheering all over the world that back to school is back in session soon!!!

Or are they crying as they think about the planning that goes into play for back to school shopping and preparation?

Well as I pondered this very question (I myself partially cheering and partially crying all at the same time) I thought…

“How can I make this time of year easier?” 

So I turned to Pinterest (a mother’s survival guide) and searched “school supplies” (here is my Back to School board).

I found a post from I Heart the Mart and got inspired!

While I do NOT heart the Mart I do get it and felt that the part of his post about list making just made good sense.

He had a list created that included the basics such as item, color and how many.

He also included a column for price match for you bargain shoppers.

I created a simpler version in Excel (god I love Excel spread sheets with all my being).

There are two tabs.

One for a simple shopping list and the other for price matching if you plan to hardcore shop around.

For all those mommys having a mild panic attack about back to school here is my gift to you!

Back to School Shopping List

Make it what you want or use it as it is!

My daughter is going into 1st grade this year so she will have supplies that will be her’s and a few that will be shared.

It was suggested that labels be created to label every item (down to each colored pencil).

I remembered using the Avery website to do this in the past and found it to be super easy with lots of options for customizing.

Check it out!

Avery Products free online templates

It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Select your Avery product type, design and add anything custom such as text then print!

Now everyone take a deep breath and soak in those last days of summer….

fall is just around the corner!

Summer Days

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  1. I’m crying. I just really do not want to start packing lunches every night. I enjoy not having that on my to-do list.

    • I totally get that. We have a lunch program and my hubs prefers they eat school lunch instead of packed. It reduces my work load but the worry I feel sometimes that they are not eating enough worries me. Although the few times we packed lunches a LOT came home. I guess you can’t win either way. Try to enjoy the last few weeks of summer and maybe the boys will get to a point where they can pack their own lunch? Pending you have a system going like baskets labeled 1-5 and they can choose one item out of each or something along the lines of that. Good luck chica 😉

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