The First Day

First Day


The first day was sort of magical in many ways.

So much newness for all of us.

It felt good. It felt right.

Then day two hit.

It was harder to get out of bed.

There was a little more restlessness for my “home aloner”.

Home Aloner

By day three…

We were all tired.

The question of “when is Friday?” has started.

Hopefully Monday will feel fresh and new again after the weekend.

Now for some cuteness and some tears.

Feel free to giggle when you see the pics of my little monster crying.

It really is just too funny to see him SO emotional about not getting on the bus with his “leaders”!

This is how my eyes felt that morning…tired and fuzzy.



I started making these little chalkboards last year and like the tradition.

Regrettably, (the serious spelling error requires formal vocabulary just to prove I do indeed have a brain) I misspelled “kindergartner”.

It will certainly make for a good story when the kids are older and telling me how they don’t think they should have to do their English homework.

I can pull out this card “If you don’t do your homework you might end up as poor a speller as me!”



The conversations waiting for the bus were priceless.

You can almost see it in these pictures.

Expressions seen for miles.


There was a lot of impromptu posing most of which was actually initiated by my middle son (otherwise known as the “kindergartener”).  Street Sign

Now for the crying…

I will forever cherish these pictures and am so glad I wasn’t a weepy mess myself so that I could capture them.

This may make his graduation announcements.


The week has been eventful including the loss of two teeth, possible purchase of new car (old car decided to crap out on a camping trip while hauling a boat and all of our possessions) and an impending haircut for me.

Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP?!?!

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  1. You totally captured the moments there. Love the pictures. Poor guy…then he soon realized he gets mommy to himself. I’m sure he was super happy when his “leaders” returned.

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