Big, Bad, Beans


Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat their veggies?

Do you find you always have one kiddo sitting at the table LONG after everyone else is done with nothing but their beloved veggies sitting on their plate getting cold?

I definitely find this to be true. 

My kids can be really great veggie eaters but they don’t all love the same kind or the same cooking methods either.

As a momma this adds to meal time frustration and ultimately to the stress of knowing we are responsible for their overall health and well-being.

Well I think I found a solution that makes eating veggies fun.

Check out this fantastic book How Martha Saved her Parents from Green Beans by David LaRochelle

How Martha Saved her Parents from Green Beans

It is a heroic story about a girl who despises green beans but for the sake of saving her parents (whom she was all too willing to leave with their kidnappers while she indulged in cookies, late bed time and TV) she eats them and destroys an army of VERY bad green beans.

I promise this book will be a new family favorite.

A little hint…

Try using voices for the VERY bad green beans.

I went with a Hispanic, mobster style voice that my kiddos now request. every. time. I. read it!

Happy reading and enjoy and have a beautiful fall weekend!

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  1. Adding to our library list!

  2. Ugh! Any book suggestions for getting me to eat my vegetables? I’ve been so bad lately!

    • Honestly, this book even got ME excited! I like to peruse Pinterest when I get a little lax about eating my veggies. All the colorful images get me excited and inspired to eat them again. Thanks for stopping by!

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