Friday Photo Favorites and OneMommy’s Thought Dump



Enjoying Jenna Marbles Youtube videos. If you can stand the vulgar language you might get a good laugh too!

Feeling humbled by the generosity and thoughtfulness of others. People are truly kind and good. It is refreshing.
Planning my attack and plan of action on a new magnet makeup board. Here is a glimpse of what I will attempt.
Craving banana bread pancakes. And so they shall be!
Holding my nose, in a tissue. Also, my bladder function since sneezing has now reduced me to a small child. Reminder to wear diapers when sick.

Thinking of how far into winter it is and how little winter we have felt. Aaahhh.
Grateful for my children that keep me laughing and remind me I am not god.
Anticipating my hubby coming homes. Ready for my weekly escape to the grocery store. Sad.

Wishing for a great girls night in. Now to get my family to go somewhere…
Reading The Soulkeepers by G.P. Ching. I just started it so the verdict is still out but it definitely fits the bill for NOT real life which is exactly what I needed.
Wondering what the weekend will bring. Oh right. Superbowl weekend. So lots of TV and me cooking. Boo.



Happy Friday all!

Kiss your kiddos or the ones you love like you mean it and throw in a hug dammit!




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  1. Absolutely precious!!!!

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