Adventures in Mommy-less Land



So every now and then I DO get out.


And do things that “normal” people do like sleep in until 10 (okay I had to get up to pee a couple of times but I stayed in the bed until 10 after that), eat meals late at night and peruse farm equipment.

You heard me right.


I am super classy and seriously adventurous that way.

Not the mention the fact that when my cousin says “wanna take the mini Cooper” this momma screams YES!!!!

Through the rolling hills (again you heard me – did I stutter?) of North Dakota (they may have very well been the ONLY hills there) we flew with hair blowing in the winds and giggles being lost below the booming sound of spirit lifting music.


Meanwhile on the home front….

My hubby is experiencing the following:

One child falling on his forehead off his bike leaving literal skid marks up the poor kids face.

Another child so upset that she can’t watch TV that she decided to hide on daddy and pout.

Well she hid just a little TOO well and after 10 minutes of searching for her (once realized missing) he cried uncle and started to panic.

She was of course discovered/stumbled upon in between some art stackers and a cabinet.

He endured all of this on just a few hours sleep thanks to the kids rising with the sun (also thanks to his late night fishing but that is another story).

Needless to say everyone survived.

Some with battle wounds and some without.

Pretty sure my hubby was ready to go to work today and be an adult again!

I on the other hand was NOT ready for the week to start but somehow managed to make the best out of it and even squeeze in a meal of comfort food for dinner.

TGIT??? Not sure I am actually that thrilled but glad to put Monday behind us.


I would love to hear your daddy or mommy blunders and how you survived them or maybe just your favorite “adult day” memory. 

Cheers to surviving Monday!!!






  1. A vehicle that doesn’t have car seats…How fabulous!! Glad to hear you got some grown-up time. A day with no snots on your clothes…priceless.

    • I know right?! So awesome :)

      It was great to wear real clothes and put makeup on. Did I mention eating meals without EVER having to get up?!

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