First Day of Kindergarten and Other Shenanigans


With any first in this house we make a point to take pictures…LOTS of pictures and I honestly stress about it a little. I am always so worried about missing the important things like capturing a child blowing out their candles or a sweet moment with daddy on Father’s Day. So today when preparing to send my daughter to her first day of Kindergarten a lot of emotions came out. Worry. Worry about the perfect picture to capture her excitement and worry for her first day out in the world without us.


I am definitely a bit of a crier on most accounts so I feared this might be one of those times that I can’t see through my tears to even get a good picture but thankfully when it comes to the “big” stuff I become a bit of a hard-ass. This is not to say I don’t have my moment later on after the fact. Perfect example is the fact that I didn’t shed a single tear all day and then as I sat down to write this and started looking through the pictures I took of my sweet girl it hit me. I got completely choked up and sat here beaming with pride and feeling a little sad too. It finally struck me how momentous this day was in the history of her life and really the history of mine.  This is the start of her true growth and ultimate freedom and the end of my sanity as we know it.


Just kidding…I am well aware I have several years until pre-teen to really hit that point! 


The boys and I spent the day playing catch up after a wicked and very enjoyable couple of weeks of insanity. One week of insanity was the good kind. The crazy fun you have with a group of girls in a city that is not your home. The kind of fun that only comes with great female bonding, unlimited cocktails and total lack of responsibility. Thank you Las Vegas and thank you girls (you know who you are) for giving me just that!


The other bit of insanity happens to be a DIY my hubby decided to take on that ended up being a full on family affair. We have spent the last several days removing shingles from our crazy (and incredibly old) roof, repairing and putting on new shingles. I can now say that I have purchased “flashing” and shingled two roofs in my lifetime (the other being my sister-in-laws). How many gals can say that!?


So back to the big first day and what the ones left behind were up to.

I knew that it was going to be a little rough so I really didn’t plan anything and just sort of took things where the day went. I took 2 days off of work to allow myself  just a little down time after the big transition. This was a good decision for sure! The boys and I caught up on laundry (mostly), we made paint baggies for mess free finger painting thanks to a wonderful blogger The Hippie Housewife and we baked a delicious treat for Ava to enjoy when she got home from her big day, Monkey Muffins. Ree Drummond you are a damn genius!


We ended the day snuggled up on the couch reading books. Pretty sure we will all sleep like rocks tonight…so many things were accomplished in just one short day! Whew!





  1. Love all those smiles!! Good job momma! I was more nervous this morning about Logan going into first grade than I was Deacon going to kindergarten. Deacon was super excited! I’m just hoping they’re both having a good day. Did you save me any monkey muffins?

    • I think first grade scares me even more because it seems like THEN it REALLY counts! Sad to say that all the monkey muffins were gobbled up upon exiting the oven. YUM!

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