Friday Photo Favorites & OneMommy’s Thought Dump




Enjoying sunshine and the smell of fall leaves.

Feeling content. This time of year does that to a person you know?
Planning an evening escape and solo movie date. This lady needs those every now and then!
Craving PUMPKIN anything. Pot roast. Fresh baked bread. Hearty soup. Crisp air causes instant hunger for all that is comfort food.
Holding onto the last few moments with my middle child before he heads of to preschool. Praying the transition will be smooth.

Thinking about fall crafts and winter house projects. I love them but need to figure out how to find the time! This Pumpkin Topiary would be adorable right through Halloween. Thanks Pinterest…once again you have inspired me.
Grateful modern medicine. My mom completed her final round of chemo this week and will be moving onto the next phase. We are all looking forward to that!
Anticipating a chilly morning tomorrow with my family at a local farm for a hay ride and to pick out pumpkins. This will be our third year going and we always enjoy. It is one of my favorite small town activities.

Wishing or more so longing for someone to do all my grocery shopping so I can go and just relax instead of doing it myself. A girl has dreams you know?!
Reading The Boy in the Suitcase Lene Kaaberbol. It is a little slow in parts and a tiny bit confusing but very suspenseful! Honestly, this was a $1.99 find on Barnes and Noble so I just went for it.

Wondering where my next girls trip will take me. There has been a lot of Hawaii talk but one can never tell with these ladies. Any suggestions??



Happy Friday ya’ll!



  1. You just made me want to cook turkey chili or chicken soup. It’s actually rather chilly here this morning. The leaves haven’t changed yet though. Enjoy all that is fall!

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