Unhappy Surprises = Smelly Challenges

Poo in the shower
Poo in the tub
Poo in the toilet
Rub a dub dub

Okay maybe I am not a poet but seriously this is where things were going lately! I badly wanted to include a pic of the remnants of what my youngest left behind in MY shower but felt y’all might not continue on if you were subjected to that.

I mean, I have cleaned poo out of many places but in a shower? MY shower?

That I was not expecting.

My youngest is really proving to test my strength as a human AND a mommy. He pushes the envelope and then smiles one of his life saving smiles.


We have had our moments recently that is for sure.
Take this for instance.

The kid is VERY creative!

Sometimes that is good.

Sometimes it is very, VERY bad.

What makes me cry laugh is that this kid is the one that has truly made me a parent. He has completed the “you know you are a mom if….” ten fold.



In the end I think that is all that matters but I hope I survive until the end!?

There has been a whole lot of busy in our house in the past few weeks. My hubby and I completed our first 5k together. Certainly not something I expected to cross off my bucket list let alone to do it with my hubby.

Feels good to have actually accomplished something! Something NON-mommy related at that.

Fall is upon us and winter is on its tail. We have gone from Halloween and fall decorating to winter in the blink of an eye.

SNOW the first few days of October.

Man Mother Nature is a cruel lady sometimes.

I plan to share with you more in the coming months. Winter is hibernation for the body but time for the mind to thrive!

I have been busy contributing to The Crafty Collaborative and TRYING to get a style happening in my home after allowing myself to be “okay” with hodge podge for far too long.

Brace yourself for some serious crafting and bad-ass cooking folks!

This is a sweet little DIY screen print I did for my niece.

I am pretty sure I need a hot pink unicorn on my t-shirt now too.

Don’t you?!

 Stay tuned to The Crafty Collaborative for how you can make one too!

Happy Seasons!



  1. He’s lucky you can lost in those dark eyes! One time Finn pooped in the shower…he was so proud of himself because he had gotten out of the tub in time! Deep breaths and lots of wine :)
    I still can’t believe you got snow already!

    • Yes. His looks certainly do save him!

      I am out of wine and have been all week. Maybe that has been my issue?!

      Snow, snow go away. Come again another season…like WINTER! Bleh.

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